Betsafe Air Wipp Challenge


On Saturday the 18th of August, 19 of Freerunning’s top athletes descended on the Helsingborg castle in Sweden for the title of the Air Wipp Challenge. The competition, organised and hosted by professional Swedish free-running team, Air Wipp, is to date the largest competitive gathering of parkour athletes outside of the Red Bull Art of Motion, and since the now disfunct Barclaycard Freerun World Championship.

There were lots of sexy babes there too apparently and Shaun from Farang didn’t fall off the stage
the competitors were as follows:

1. Jason Paul GERMANY
2. Bjarke Ytting Hellden DENMARK
3. Pip Andersson ENGLAND
4. Jesper Stenberg SWEDEN
5. Ryan Doyle ENGLAND
6. Alexandra Shevchenko RUSSIA
7. Marcus Zyrken Gustafsson SWEDEN
8. Sami Herttua Perälä FINLAND
9. Shuan Woods AUSTRALIA
10. Anan Anwar THAILAND
11. Pasha Petkuns LATVIA
12. Luci “Steel” Romberg US
13. Will Sutton ENGLAND
14. Oliver Pitot BELGIUM
15. Sergio Cora Campos SPAIN
16. Felix Kellner SWEDEN
17. Josh Yadon US
18. Cory Demyers US
19.Oscar Paradis Karlsson SWEDEN

The title was taken by none other than Team Farang’s Jason Paul, he wins everything, I bet I could beat him at a game of Tekken though (This is an official challenge bro! and you’re not allowed to use Eddy)

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