What is basketball free styling & acrobatic dunking entertainment?

Can basketball freestyle shows be performed as a group or by a solo artist?

Where can basketball freestyling and basketball dunking shows be performed?


Basketball Free styling and Dunking entertainment shows and performances have developed over many years with influence’s coming from different countries and cultures.

What is basketball free styling & acrobatic dunking?

Basketball free styling entertainment and acrobatic basketball dunking is a form of high energy entertainment. It is not like conventional basketball, but more varied with entertainers performing various skills, tricks and acrobatic movements. It incorporates acrobatics and gymnastics with running, jumping, dribbling, ball spinning, stealing, flipping and passing. These techniques are demonstrated with 1,2,3 or sometimes 4 and 5 basketballs at a time when it comes to basketball freestyling and with acrobatic basketball dunking performance teams use 1 to 3 mini trampolines to propel dunkers into the air, performing a series of acrobatic moves, pass and alley hoop combinations before dunking the ball in the hoop. For a better understanding of freestyle dunking see this link posted by Streets United. http://www.slideshare.net/Streetsutd/streets-united-basketball-dunking-freestyle-show

Is basketball freestyling and basketball dunking done as a solo show, a group?

Basketball freestyle entertainment can be performed by a solo freestyler or performer, as a duo or group show. The group performance can be performed in smaller groups for stage performances, private events or as a flash mob type PR stunt performance.
Acrobatic basketball dunking entertainment has no limit to the amount of dunkers needed although the minimum is 5. All basketball dunking and basketball freestyling shows are performed to an up beat piece of music and can be specifically choreographed according to the theme or style of the event, campaign or PR stunt. 

Where can basketball freestyling and basketball dunking performed?

Basketball freestyle entertainment shows basketball acrobatic dunking shows can be performed at basketball pre match and halftime events, corporate events, sporting events, street & in store promotions, product & store launching  charity events, marketing campaigns, road shows, motor shows, community and social events, weddings, festivals & carnivals, shopping centre entertainment, stage shows, TV programmes and commercials, school and sport club activation days and many more.

What surfaces can it basketball freestyling and basketball dunking be performed on?

Both street entertainment sports can be performed indoors and outdoors on most surfaces with the exception of wet surfaces. For outdoor events asphalt, concrete, clay and hardwood flooring is recommended. For indoor events hardwood flooring, synthetic floors made from rubber, PVC or any type of plastic is best.

Can Basketball freestyle workshops and basketball dunking workshops be given by professional artists?

Basketball freestyle workshops can be given by the professional basketball freestylers. Children of all ages and adults can learn some really basic basketball freestyle moves and combinations that they can take away and show their friends or family.
Basketball dunking workshops can be given but this is usually for children from 8 years old and up as the workshops would consist or using the mini trampoline and a smaller sized dunking hoop.
Basketball freestyle and basketball dunking workshops can be given or held before or after the groups or individual performers shows. Workshops will enable the watching audience to interact with the professional players and experience what it is to be a basketball freestyle or a basketball dunking performer.

For more information of basketball freestyles or dunkers for any type of event in the UK and Europe or world wide in any country of the world please contact:

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