Before Sunrise Pretoria: Fusion of Movement


for over a year now, a little known media project has been brewing in South Africa’s capital, Pretoria
a fusion of movement from both ends of the spectrum as the arts of ballet and parkour combine in captured motion against the backdrop of the African sunrise.
The art project headed by husband and wife team Roelof  Themmingh and Sue Attfield aims to breathe new life into Areas of the city which once were, but are now forgotten, or simply add new verve to structures built for otherwise more conservative purposes.  Streets United affiliates, Sabotage Elite have provided the parkour element for most of these shoots with South African parkour stalwarts, PKJOZI jamming it up in the latest edition, combine this with a troop of seasoned (might I add gorgeous) ballerinas and both the still and motion shots are nothing short of phenomenal.

the project also acts to raise awareness and interest from local authorities, the municipality and public figures to maintain, keep clean and improve Pretoria’s ever growing city scape.


the project has grown to include 29 dancers, traceurs, photographers and cinematographers all highly esteemed in their respective fields and all in the spirit of good wholesome, early morning fun (and cold, and dust, and sweat hahaha) 🙂


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