Car Stunt shows for events in ITALY

Car Stunt shows for events in ITALY

What kind of Car Stunt shows for events in ITALY are available?

How are car stunt shows improving these days?

Car Stunt shows for events in ITALY are very popular. Over the past few years it has become a form of entertainment at events. At Streets United we can provide such entertainment for any type of event.

Car stunt shows are typically used in outdoor events where there is enough space to have the cars manoeuvre around and show off their skills. There are certain items that need to be present in order to put on a great show such as ramps, lights, and safety gear. People who attend car stunt shows are usually looking for a thrill and they can get that by watching the stunt drivers do their thing.

Stuntman on top of cars

Car Show Performance

A typical car stunt show can consist of many different elements. These include such things as individual cars balancing on their sides whilst spinning around in a circle or ‘jumping’ cars. This is when stunt cars are driven at high speeds over a line of other cars lined up in a row over a certain distance. Depending on the length of time you require the stunt show to be on for this can be anything from 15 minutes to a few hours.

Car Stunt shows for events in ITALY
Stunt Cars lined up for action

Car Stunt Environment

As you may suspect, stunt cars need a lot of space to carry out all the tricks. Most shows are in huge parking lots or an area with plenty of space. Considering the landscape in Italy, the environment will be more open land/forest type settings. This is great as it creates an off-road atmosphere, but be careful of all the dust this will create.

Car Stunt Show

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