Commissioned ART for new buildings

Commissioned ART for new buildings

What kind of commissioned ART for new buildings are available in the entertainment world?

How can ART be used in events?

Commissioned ART for new buildings is a great place to start when it comes to promoting your business. You can choose both indoor and outdoor art to represent your new building intended for promotional purposes.

Promoting a Movie Theatre

If you’re preparing for the launch of a new cinema building you can use this type of artwork to show case the movie being showed. For instance, you can have a 3D chalk artist draw out a scene from the movie and let people interact with the picture. This certainly draws in a crowd!

Commissioned ART for new buildings
3D artwork for movie opening

Art for new shopping mall

This can be done in the middle of a shopping mall and can be a very fun mural that will again attract both the young and old. A popular choice is a picture of an inflatable boat on a flowing river that dives into a mini waterfall with fish jumping out of the water. This is one part of artwork that looks so real that you have to see it to believe it.

Commissioned ART for new buildings
Amazing piece of mall artwork

Graffiti artwork

Graffiti has definitely enhanced normal artwork over the decades. It’s not seen as a ‘nuisance art’s so much, but as clever, creative artistry. It can be bold with contrasting colours or blend into the background. Whatever the look you’re after Streets United can aim to deliver it for you!

Commissioned ART for new buildings
Hip-hop graffiti

Recycled ART for new buildings

These works of art are no easy task. They require a skilled artist to twist and bend anything that’s worth recycling to create a masterpiece to promote a new building.

Commissioned ART for new buildings
Recycled Stork Artwork

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