Digital Creative Art Entertainer for Events

Have you ever wanted a digital creative art entertainer for events?

How do you think your audience would react to a digital creative art entertainer at your special event?

Forget about pen and pad or pencil and pad because this digital creative artist will bring another element to your impotant event. This digital creative art entertainer for events takes drawing to another level. He uses technology to his advantage and creates artistic pieces of work to very high standards.

Digital Art Entertainer for Events

His sets can be for any amount of time. Whether you require him for a few hours or for a full event he will adjust his performance time to whatever suits you. He can interact with the crowd or audience or perform solo on a stage. If you require him to follow a certain theme for your event, he will be able to do this.

From portraits to complicated digital drawings this digital creative art entertainer can create images from sight or out of his imagination. Whatever you require he will be sure to deliver.

Digital Creative Art Entertainer

Event Types

As digital art has not been around for long, it has rarely been seen at many events. The possibilities to have this type of entertainment at any type of event such as corporate events, private functions, exhibitions, product and store launches or brand publicity events are endless. 

Digital Art Performer for Corporate Events

Location of events

This digital creative artist can perform at events across the world. He is not just fixed at any one location he can travel anywhere.

Should you have any further questions or requests regarding having this digital creative art entertainer at one of your events, then please get in touch using the details below.

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