Digital Speed Painting Entertainment for Events

Have you ever seen Digital Speed Painting Entertainment for events?

 Did you know that the days of real paint have turned into digital spray painting?

This unique and absolutely revolutionary digital speed painting artist has taken the world by storm and swapping his real paints for digital spray paint. The art of digital spray painting has only over the past few months developed where digital graffiti walls have been turned into canvases that this creative and professional speed painting entertainer has certainly made the most of.

How it Works

How does digital speed painting entertainment for events work? 

The digital spray paint can when sprayed against the wall creates a reaction with the digital screen and depending upon what setting is chosen the digital spray paint can will create a thin line, uncover or cover a whole image that is hiding behind and a pre-programmed digital screen.

The ability of creating a storyboard and uncovering certain objects, brand names, images using the digital spray paint can on the digital graffiti wall is absolutely mind-blowing. 

A story can be created and told all through the creative concepts of the original spray painting speed artist.

As this unique technique of spray painting has only been around for a very short space of time it has rarely been seen at many events and the possibilities to have it at any type of event such as corporate events, private events, exhibition events, product launch events or brand publicity events are endless. 

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