E-sport EVENT Live entertainment ideas

E-sport EVENT Live entertainment ideas

What kind of E-sport EVENT Live entertainment ideas are available?

What is E-sport and how can it be used as entertainment?

When it comes to e-sport event live entertainment ideas, Streets United has a wide choice. For those of you that don’t know what e-sport is, it stands for electronic sport. A player who competes in an E-sport event is called a “player,” or an “e-athlete.” These players usually compete against other players in a particular game, while spectators watch these competitions.

E-sport entertainment also refers to anything to do with electronics. This can be digital screens, electric objects or cars. Performers can compete in different events or even perform tricks on certain electronic gadgets or cars.

Live interactive e-sport entertainment ideas

This can be in the form of remote-control racing. You can either control the cars from your phone or a digital screen and can adjust the speed and accuracy of turn just from the palm of your hands. Another version of e-sport car racing is when participants sit behind a real car steering wheel and control their cars by watching a large screen. Your progress in the race and scores are displayed on the screen for everyone to see.

Interactive screens for e-sport entertainment

Digital interactive screens display any object on a screen and the user interacts by drawing, painting, or writing on the screen. This is a really good entertainment pleaser at large events and kids and adults can take part too.

E-sport EVENT Live entertainment ideas
Digital interactive screen for e-sport events

Drone flying e-sport live entertainment

This is a great entertainment pleaser at any event. Virtual reality has been changing the way we watch videos, play games and interact with each other. Drone flying can capture some amazing footage and take aerial shots. Flying a drone in virtual reality is not only more immersive, but also provides the opportunity to fly through real-world locations, just like you would with a physical drone.

E-sport EVENT Live entertainment ideas
Drone Flying through VR

E-bikes & E-cars for live entertainment

Recently, new inventions have been made in the automotive industry such as e-bikes and e-cars. These new inventions have not only changed how we use cars but also what we do with them – be it racing or just having fun. Performers use e-bikes to perform dare-devil tricks at events. Electric remote control cars have also become very popular in the entertainment world.

Remote control e-car

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