Electric themed entertainment for E-Events

Electric themed entertainment for E-Events

What kind of electric themed entertainment for E-Events can I choose from?

What are E-Events?

Electric themed entertainment for e-events is becoming a speciality at Streets United. There is plenty of demand for this type of show as more and more people are wanting to make the environment a better place. E-events are a form of live event and video streaming that is entirely on a digital platform. Electric themed entertainment for such events comes in all different forms from using electric generated devices or equipment to make the performance more eco-friendly.

E-bike Stunt Show

An E-bike stunt show consists of several stunts, such as stoppie, wheelie and backflip. These stunts are performed by riders with a motorcycle, bicycle or scooter. E-bike can be used in conjunction with e-car to create a spectacle of a show.

E-car show for e-events

An e-car remote entertainment show is similar to remote control racing, but just done electronically. This means you can race a car all from the touch of a digital screen whilst competing against many other participants at once. You can also use an actual electric car to perform tricks at larger events.

LED Electric Themed Entertainment

This is a show you don’t want to miss! With all the lights, outfits and dance moves you’ll be left speechless with the amount of talent in one room. Performer wear LED lit suits that can change colours when they dance. The performers are in groups or pairs, but there is a greater effect when done in groups and captivates the audience more.

Electric themed entertainment for E-Events
LED themed Entertainment

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