Entertainers for Weddings

Are you looking for live entertainment for a wedding?

Are you in need of new ideas for a spectacular wedding?

Hopefully our Entertainers For Weddings are exactly what you need!

Performers for wedding entertainment
Performers for wedding entertainment

A wedding and the marriage of a couple is a very special moment in life and it deserves an all round VIP treatment. From good food and drink to good entertainment. Guests at a wedding always get excited when there is a singer, a band or a live entertainer performing on the special day.

Streets United have been supplying entertainment to weddings for the past 7 years and the entertainment varies from surprise entertainment to live musical bands and entertainers.


WEDDING RECEPTION drinks entertainment is from our experience is usually subtle entertainment like a levitating statue or an iPad magician.

MAIN STAGE FLOOR wedding entertainment can either consist of a live band, a choreographed dance show or an acrobatic performance.

INTERACTIVE wedding entertainment usually gets guests or the wedding couple involved in the entertainment. These types of entertainment can be a football juggling tricks challenge or the creation of the bride or grooms portrait by a speed painter.

We hope that these suggestions can give you a better idea of what types of entertainment can be put on at a wedding.

For more information about live entertainment for weddings please contact:

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