Entertainment for PRODUCT launches in 2021

How do you think entertainment for product launches in 2021 can be used to enhance events?

What entertainment is hot on the market right now for events?

When you think of entertainment for product launches in 2021, you want it to be unique and stand out from the crowd. This is an exciting time when any new product is launched, and you want to show it off. At Streets United we can be sure to add some flair, glamour or acrobatic skill to your launch.

Event Type

Depending on what type of entertainment you’re after for your event you can use some wacky and wonderful artists. One particular act that is used for new car product launches is a pogo stick stunt trickster. With many years of experience behind him, he uses his pogo stick to bounce on which gives him the momentum to add some flips or somersaults whilst jumping over a car. This is an amazing spectacle to witness and will definitely leave the crowd with a lasting impression of your launch.

Another great act to launch your next product is Street United’s neon creative entertainer. This artist is extremely talented and creates an image or storyline around your product using any colour to do this. The artist requires a completely dark room in order to see the total effect of the performance displayed. During the creation if requested, any logo, slogan or message can be adapted to what the client is after.

The above is just a handful of entertainment that Streets United can provide. Should you have any further questions or requests regarding entertainment for product launches in 2021, please contact us using the details below.

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