Event ENTERTAINMENT for 70th Birthday parties

How can event entertainment for 70th birthday parties be appealing to guests?

What kind of entertainment is on offer for a small or big birthday party?

There are always so many questions to ask when preparing to celebrate a big birthday. Who will do the catering, where will it be held what will the entertainment be? With Streets United at least one of those questions will be answered and that is the high-class event entertainment for 70th birthday parties.

Asa 70th birthday is an older birthday celebration, we can provide the most appropriate entertainment when it comes to pleasing your guests.

Entertainment Options

A very popular party pleaser if you’re having your party outdoors or in a large indoor area is our aerial acrobatic show. This is a very unique and amazing bit of talent to watch. It’s your choice to have a single performer or a group. One particular female aerial act uses a unique prop for her act – a perspex ball. The act involves the artist opening and closing the prop which is suspended at a minimum of 10 feet above the ground. Alternatively the artist is suspended from a crane or from a high ceiling. The ball has to be see-through but can have a birthday message written on it if required.

Themed musical bands are also very popular for older birthday party events as they adapt the music to the specific occasion and dress according to the birthday colour scheme. Different bands play a variety of instruments too resulting in your guests being blown away by their musical talents.

The above is just a handful of entertainment that Streets United can provide. Should you have any further questions or requests regarding event entertainment for 70th birthday parties, please contact Streets United using the details below.

Streets United Event Entertainment
Email: info@streetutd.com
Tel: +44 2081 330 249
Whatsapp: +44 7818 226993

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