Extreme Sports find a home in Hackney

Hackney Wick will now be the permanent base for some of the UK’s most extreme sports and art forms in a bid to improve standards, tackle social problems and improve cohesion amongst young people in the community.


IC Movement, a specialist team of martial artists, trickers, dancers and other elite artists have partnered with Streets United and the Cre8 Lifestyle Centre to setup a training and development centre in East London that will be open from 14th September 2012. The centre will host an air floor system in the main hall, which will allow professional artists to train in the best possible environment. ‘We are extremely excited to launch the centre, as it will provide a flagship venue for artists to meet & train, something that is desperately needed in London. ‘Cre8 have shown remarkable mettle to offer a home to the Internet Age/YouTube generation of Athletes & Artists’ explains Adam Rae Ursell, Director of IC Movement.


Professional artists will be using the space to refine and develop their skills in a range of alternative arts that include Martial Arts, Tricking, Parkour, Wushu/Kung Fu, Tumbling, Contemporary Dance, Tae Kwon Do & Capoeira.


‘We are delighted that Adam and his team decided to bring their network and concepts to us here in Hackney Wick. We hope people will look at us as social entrepreneurs and mentors. The Hackney Wick area has needed something new to give inspiration for years. This programme has the makings of a fantastic partnership’ says John Herbert, CEO of the Cre8 Lifestyle Centre.


One outlet from all the activities and classes that will be available in the centre will be the opportunity for young people to train as professional stuntmen and women. There are also sustainable careers now available for professional athletes in all the sports and arts highlighted above.


The Cre8 Lifestyle Centre, formerly the community baths in Hackney Wick, is open every day of the week with a wide range of activities, meeting and function room space and sporting facilities available for hire.

For more information on IC Movement’s activity inside the territory that is becoming known as ‘Skill Town’ visit www.ic-movement.com


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