Female Acrobatic Wheel Entertainment

Female Cyr Wheel Performer

What is female acrobatic wheel entertainment?

What is so unique about a female performing with a Cyr wheel?

Details below of how a female Cyr wheel acrobat performs a specialised Cyr wheel act or show. Hopefully information below will give you an insight into the life of a female acrobatic wheel entertainment show.

Female Cyr Wheel Performer
Female Cyr Wheel Performer

One of the very unique factors of being able to perform with a cyr wheel is to be able to maintain the center of balance and equilibrium.

A cyr wheel is very much different to a German wheel that has two metal elements to it as opposed to just the single frame of which a cyr wheel has.

The variety of events – where female acrobatic wheel entertainment can be performed at:

This particular Cyr wheel female acrobat has travelled and performed her uniquely talented cyr wheel acrobatic show at a variety of events.

She has performed her acrobatic wheel act at product launches – promotional street campaigns – award ceremonies and also a host of circus related festivals and touring events.

The Wow factor in a female acrobatic wheel entertainment

What makes a cyr wheel acrobatic show performed by a talented female so vibrant and intriguing?

It is simply the fact of how the female acrobat can dramatically or humbly perform the cyr wheel act.

The type of show performed usually also depends on the type of music that the cyr wheel acrobatic show is performed to.

Types of the events that this female acrobatic cyr wheel entertainment can perform at include charity events – festivals – private events – product launches and award ceremonies just to name a few.

Technical Requirements:

– a 10m x 10m minimum spacing and turn
– a sound system for show music to be played
– a non wet or non slippery performance surface

For more information about female acrobatic wheel entertainment please contact

Streets United

UK Phone: 0044 208 133 0249
Spain Phone: 0034 680 914 483

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