Football-Rugby Boots – Tap Dancing Show

Tap dance Football Boot Show

Looking for a Tap Dancing Show?

Would some tap dancers in football or rugby boots attract attention for a campaign activation or a FLASH MOB?

Could the sound produced from tap dancers capture peoples attention?

Tap dance Football Boot Show


This show has some uniqueness about it as not many tap dance shows are performed using football-rugby boots. The sound effect that the tap dancers produce creates a hair raising effect for anyone that is watching.

The team of 4 trained and professional tap dancers have performed at numerous live events and have been apart of various stage productions.

Technical Details

– Length of Show between 4-6mins
– Minimum space required: 5m(L) x 5m(W) x 2.5m(H)
– The show has to be performed on a solid flat, dry floor
– A sound system supplied to play show music. If the show is for a street performance or needs to be mobile a portable sound system can be supplied at an extra cost
– Preferred surfaces using plastic studded boots are – wood, metal, solid glass flooring
– Preferred surfaces using  metal studded boots are – concrete, tar, wood, metal


For More information on this show or any other live football entertainment show please contact:

Streets United
UK office +44 208 133 0249
UK (m) +44 7818 226 993
Spanish (m) +34 680 914 483


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