Football Themed Flash Mob

Football Themed Flash Mob

Looking for a mass of talented freestyle footballers to perform a football freestyle flash mob??

MASSIVE Awareness with the biggest Sport in the World…….Football!!

Creating a BUZZ in any plaza, square or gathering point!!


These are just some of the reasons to think about having football freestyle flash mob over a dance flash mob to create a buzz around any football / soccer related event or sponsoring brand.


Flash mobs are usually known for being a dance only thing but very few people know of any freestyle football flash mobs. One of our largest communities of freestyle footballers based in Europe have and can create and coordinate any sized flash mob. Between 10-100 football freestylers can be coordinated & choreographed to produce a 5-10min freestyle football flash mob.

Costumes or Dress Code
The choreography of the flash mob can be coordinated according to the specific event or brand promotion in that football freestylers can either ALL wear the same costume or ALL be dressed the same. Alternatively the football freestylers can all be dressed randomly in different clothing.

Location & Logistics

No matter what the country in the world is we have a network of world wide freestyle footballers in 52 different countries around the world. So if there are only 10 football freestylers in a particular country and there is a need for 50 to perform a flash mob there will be a neighbouring country close  by that we are bound to have a network of football freestyler in.

Technical Information

Flash Mob Length:  can vary from between 5 – 10mins
Minimum Space required: 10m(W) x 10m(L) x 3m(H) for 10 freestylers
For a group of 50 + freestylers 50m(W) x 50m(L) x 3m(H)
Music: A loud enough sound system can be provided or speakers of a “public area” for example train station speakers can be used to play the music which the football freestylers will perform to.

In most public areas around the world permission is required to play music and we usually request that the organising company obtains permission from the public area council before any preparations of the flash mob go ahead.

For more information on this football freestyle flash mobs or any other flash mob relating to any type of sport please contact 

Streets United
T: (+44) 208 133 0249

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