Girl Freestyle Footballers

Female football freestyle Show Azerbaijan

Are you searching for an ALL FEMALE stage or street show?

Where do you find a really good female football freestyler?

Is there an all girl freestyle football show?

Female football freestyle Show Azerbaijan
Female football freestyle Show Azerbaijan


The girls are in charge when it comes to ball control in this show!!

These are some of the worlds top female football freestylers who have toured the world with their talents and impressed many male celebrity footballers along the way.
This particular show that you see pictures of was specifically choreographed for the womens FIFA under 17 world cup in Azerbaijan. This particular show was performed in a group of 4 but other Freestyle football shows can be done with solo freestyler, a freestyle duo, a football freestyle trio or in groups of between 5-10.


Technical Details

Show Length: Varies from 5-7 minutes
Space Required: 5m(W) x 5m(L) x 3m(H) – minimum
Musical Requirements: A sound system to play show music
Crowd Interaction & Workshops: This can be done after any show if the event requires the female football freestylers to interact with the watching audiences or teach workshops

Previous Events or Brands 

The female football freestylers that we represent have performed for various brands, events, PR marketing campaigns, corporate events, product launches, guerilla marketing stunts and private events including:

– Disney
– Decathlon Sports Store Opening in Dubai
– SEAT cars Christmas Dinner
– Nickelodeon
Red Bull
– Vodafone Store Launch in Egypt 

For more information on this female football freestyle entertainment show package or any other please contact:

Streets United
T: (+44) 208 133 0249

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