God Bless That Man’s Ankles

So anyone in the loop will be familliar with how hip-hop culture is exessively inundated with novelty dance styles, some of them have become iconic turning points in pop culture, like break dancing, others are just plain rediculous, like that souja boy kid…watever, who cares.
Anyways, there’s a certain style which can only be described as a fusion of slide’n’glide, jerking and crumping…and ice skating, with no ice, or skates for that matter, and it is known as Memphis Jookin. Think Usher (when he could still dance) on a rich cocktail blend of steroids, that my loyal subjects, is Memphis Jookin.

Having said that, there’s one crazy kid called Charles Riley a.k.a “Lil Buck” who “jooks” pretty damn good, aparently he’s the king of it, and he’s danced with Madonna, nuf said, just watch the video 😉

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