What happens at a Motorsport Stunt Show

Stunting motorbike show

What is all the buzz about in Motorsport Stunt Show?

How are crowds entertained at a stunt show with motorsports?

HOPEFULLY the details below can give you some insight into what exactly happens at a motorsport stunt show.

There are such a variety of motor sports but only a handful of talented stuntmen or stunt shows dedicate their lives and talents performing professionally.

A totally outrageous and crowd buzzing show are just a few elements that make up this professional daredevils motorbike stunt show.

Recognised as one of the most extreme stunt bike riders in Europe this stunt bike entertainer has performed at a variety of different events around Europe and the world.
He has entertained a wide variety of age groups and cultures in different countries.

The stunt bike professional has performed stunt motorbike shows in a variety of environments and settings. Some of the environments include an obstacle course that consist of a variety of levels including boxes, scaffolding and stairs.


The other types of environments that this stunt bike rider has performed in are completely free of obstacles but consists of more daredevil type of stunts where the bike stunt rider has had to jump from a building to a crane or from a truck to a stationery structure.
The later type of motorbike stunts have usually been performed for PR stunts or brand awareness events.


Length of a Typical Stunt Show

The length of a typical motorsport stunt show can vary from 5 minutes up to 30 minutes.
The motor sports stunt how can also include a running commentary or a certain type of competition element whereby there might be a handful of stunt bike riders performing in the stunt show and the rider with the best run wins the competition.
Types of Events where a Motorsport Stunt Show has performed at

The types of events that this motorbike stunt men has performed at include motorbike exhibitions, formula 1 events, festivals, Motor Shows and outdoor family events.

Technical Requirements
– For an obstacle type of show a minimum spacing of 20 metres x 20 metres
– a cordoned off dedicated performance space preferably with safety barriers

For more information about this motor sports stunt show please contact
Streets United
UK Phone: 0044 208 133 0249
Spain Phone: 0034 680 914 483


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