Juggling Unicycle Performer

Juggling Unicyclist

How does a juggler perform on a unicycle? 

What type of audience can a juggling unicycle performer entertain?

The details below will give you some answers to the questions above relating to a professional juggling unicyclist and his entertainment skills.

Juggling Unicyclist
Juggling Unicyclist


Juggling normally on two feet fixed to the ground can be very difficult but this juggling performer has taken his entertainment using his juggling skills to another level.

Juggling 6 foot high in the air whilst riding a unicycle is this juggling unicycle performers speciality. His professional unicycle juggling act can entertain adults and kids from any types of cultural background.

 His juggling entertainment act is a mix of comedy and circus skills combines and his ability to speak to his audience or interact with them is a true display of his years of experience.


Juggling Unicycle Performer – For Different Events

 Throughout his professional juggling years this unicyclist performer has had his act performed at a variety of different events.

Performing at festivals – alongside touring circus shows – for kids parties – and corporate events.

This juggling unicyclist has also been a part of team building events – shopping centre marketing campaigns, street promotions and guerrilla marketing activations.


Interactive Juggling Workshops

This juggling unicycle performer can also give interactive juggling workshops either separately or together with an interactive unicycle workshop.

So basically a crash course for beginners in unicycling or a crash course for beginners in juggling.


These basic workshops in juggling and unicycling can be taken by anyone from the ages of 8 years and upwards.

By the end of a one-hour workshop session anyone taking the workshop will be able to have a basic of juggling or unicycling skills.


Technical Requirements

– a minimum space of 5 meters by 5 meters

– a sound system to play show music

– a non slippery performance surface


For more information relating to this juggling unicycle performer please contact


Streets United

UK Phone: 0044 208 133 0249

Spain Phone: 0034 680 914 483



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