LED Light Urban Entertainers Show

Container LED Light Show

What is an LED light urban entertainers show?

What types of entertainers perform in an LED light show?

It is absolutely incredible to know that many entertainers, acrobats, dancers have incorporated LED lighting into their performances and stage shows. This particular LED light urban entertainers show was specifically choreographed and coordinated by Courtney Orange of Streets United using a variety of the specialist entertainers who are the part of Streets United.


These specialist entertainers that were used in this LED light show production were LED basketball dunkers, LED jugglers and LED footbag entertainers.

The LED light urban entertainers show was created and performed in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in one one of the country’s largest theme entertainment parks called Jungle Land Theme Park.


1st Event Container Show

The LED light urban entertainers show was choreographed and created around and with two large shipping containers. The shipping containers along with other stage elements where used to create the world’s first ever shipping container LED light show.

The LED light urban entertainers show was watched and enjoyed by over 10000 people that attended the park to watch the show and experienced one of the first ever LED light container shows.

The show was coordinated and choreographed in a way that the talents of the various entertainers involved in the show brought out the absolute best in them when they performed there LED light entertainment shows.

Additional Artists& Elements

There is always a possibility of adding or putting new LED light entertainers or show performances into this already choreographed and coordinated stage show. Whether it be LED light musicians, LED dance entertainers, LED light Acrobat performers or projection mapping entertainment the possibilities are endless with this type of setup and LED light urban entertainers show.


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