LUMINOUS Acrobatic performers for Corporate EVENTS

Have you wondered what luminous acrobatic performers for corporate events looked like?

What’s eye-catching and would be a great entertainment pleaser?

Luminous due act

This act will bring a totally unique element to any type of event entertainment you’ve had before. These aren’t your average acrobats; they bring a splash of vibrancy to any event. Not one but two luminous acrobatic performers for corporate events or any type of corporate function. These luminous acrobatic performers can fixate an audience with their display of utter strength and precision. If you want to get the upper edge for ultimate show stopping entertainment then be sure to contact Streets United.

Luminous acrobatic performers
Luminous acrobats

Event Type

They have flexibility and prowess when performing and they do this all-in unison. If it’s the wow factor you’re after, then it’s the wow factor you’ll get with these two top-class performers. They have pure strength to hold their bodies in positions that don’t look possible. What makes their show stand-out whilst performing these powerful positions is the enhancement of their beautifully painted luminous bodies. This luminous acrobatic duo can hold their bodies in positions that can seem somewhat impossible to perform.

Luminous balancing acts

Location of Events

These luminous performers for corporate events are world-wide entertainers. They have been to all areas of the globe and once you’ve seen them, you’ll know why they are in high demand. Their acts are performed indoors in order to see the full effect of the luminosity. These luminous acrobats have performed at corporate events held in offices, hotels, conference centres, halls and arenas.

Vibrant luminous acrobats in action
Vibrant luminous acrobats in action

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