Magic Using an iPad or a Tablet

Magic using an ipad or tablet

Have you ever seen magic using an iPad or a tablet?

Do you think there are iPad or tablet magicians who can entertain at your event?

This incredible artist has developed tricks and ways in which he performs magic using an iPad or a tablet.

Over the years he has developed and devised a variety of different tricks some that include taking business cards, Flyers, any type of object out of the iPad or tablet. Other tricks also include displaying of objects or products for promotional purposes on the actual iPad and creating digital tricks around that particular product or object.

Types of audiences

Magic using an iPad or tablet is extremely entertaining for any type of audience from kids birthday parties to weddings to conferences and exhibitions.

Whether it be walk about entertainment that the magician is performing magic using an iPad or a tablet or on stage performance that can be seen by many more people if the performance is being recorded and shown on large background screens.

IPad or tablet Magic has been performed at private events, cocktail parties, private house parties, kids birthday parties and corporate branded events.

Reaction & interaction

It is all about the reaction and interaction that is involved in Magic using an iPad or a tablet. This expert iPad or tablet magician knows how to capture an audience’s attention by interacting with them and pulling out of the iPad or tablet and object which can either be a branded product or a promotional flyer or leaflet at an exhibition for example. The reaction that can be seen by kids or adults when water or beer is poured out of an iPad into a glass is second to none.


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