Male Cyr Wheel Performer

Masculine cyr wheel performer

What is a Cyr Wheel Performer?

How can a Cyr Wheel Acrobatic performer entertain an audience?

Masculine cyr wheel performer
Masculine cyr wheel performer


Hopefully the information and details below will give you an insight into the performance of a Cyr Wheel Acrobat.


A Cyr wheel is a metal wheel that is circular in shape and that performing acrobats use to roll around and perform dynamic spinning tricks with.

A Cyr wheel is very similar to a German wheel which is basically when looking at one looks as if 2x single Cyr wheels are stuck together.
This specialized acrobatic display has been perfected over many of years and the skill level that has developed over the years is very impressive.

A cyr wheel performance is usually performed as a solo act but can also be performed by 2, 3 or 4 acrobats in a synchronized, choregraphed display.

Being a male Cyr Wheel performer is a very specialised skill. This talented male acrobatic performer has entertained a variety of audiences with his Cyr wheel skills.


Types of Events Performed At

He has performed at circus theatrical events – promotional events both in shopping centres or on the streets where he will do a opening performance and attract an audience and the promotional staff will hand out flyers after his show. 

Corporate events and gala dinner events where this male cyr wheel performer has either opened up the corporate events entertainment lineup or being a part of the entertainment lineup for a dinner gala.

Performing with or alongside other acrobatic performers brings out the best in this male cyr wheel performer.


Cyr Wheel Workshops

There is also a possibility of any one from the ages of 8yrs and up having a go at rolling around in a Cyr Wheel as part of a experience day or a Cyr wheel workshop.


Male Cyr Wheel Performer Technical Requirements

 – minimum spacing of 8 meters by 8 meters

– a non slippery surface

– a sound system for performance music


For more information relating to this male Cyr Wheel performer please contact


Streets United

UK Phone: 0044 208 133 0249

Spain Phone: 0034 680 914 483

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