New BUSINESS launch ENTERTAINMENT ideas for 2021

What type of performers do you think will be good suggestions for new business launch entertainment ideas for 2021?

How can you impress your potential clients with entertainment?

Since 2020 was a bit of a non-existent year when it came to entertainment, new business launch entertainment ideas for 2021 will certainly be thriving. What kind of new business are you trying to launch? How would you want to promote it and how can Streets United help you do this?

With a variety of very talented entertainers to choose from, you will have a hard decision to make when finding what sort of entertainment works best for your new business launch. Below are a few choices we have that might tickle your fancy and give your business that boost it needs.

Event Type

Depending on what sort of business you are launching, and how extravagant you’re willing to go, an LED light drone flashing show would definitely wow your audience. You will need an exceptionally large outdoor area for this type of entertainment for the whole set-up and launch of the drones. This show will create a spectacle of very colourful flashing lights designed to put on an awesome show. It beats have fireworks and is much better for the environment. This type of entertainment will definitely leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Another show-stopper for a new business launch would be a 4D projection mapping show. Simply explained this is basically 3D visuals having the extra technical ability of animation becoming 4D. Objects are now projected as moving objects that can be played around with visually. A real crowd pleaser!

The above are just a couple of entertainment options that Streets United can provide. Should you have any further questions or requests regarding new business launch entertainment ideas for 2021, please contact us using the details below.

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