New Shoes!

One definite mark in the development and mainstreaming of a global movement is the development of specialized equipment by the community, of the community and for the community, and with parkour, the advent of the K-swiss Ariake almost a decade ago has spurned some enthusiastic involvement from community leaders and footwear firms to place a  foothold on parkour and freerunning’s progression. There have been a few hits and misses over time, and most of the misses seem to come from the larger, more established brands such as Nike and Adidas, and a lot of the hits creep up unexpectedly from firms such as New Balance and Merrel who’s designs for a completely different purpose seem to do wonders for parkour.

Today we look at the OLLO Sapien, a new kick on the block, and something promising to be a big community hit. With a high grip single piece rubber outsole and a formidable upper this shoe was specifically designed with hands(feet)on consultation from traceurs to ensure, traction, cushioning, tactile feel, and stability at all levels of development.

The EVA(Ethylene vinyl acetate) midsole and the Meshed upper also work to provide  full spectrum motility and breathabillity as well as a very generous flexibility factor,  giving the shoe a wide practitioner range catering to beginners and advanced runners alike.

One thing lacking however, would be the presence of a toe bumper which is basically an extension of the outsole over the toe-box on the upper. This has the dual effect of providing extra protection for the vulnerable front toe area as well as providing  extra surface area for the dynamic traction/direction changes encountered when dealing with vertical surfaces in parkour (tic-tacs, wall-runs, cat grabs). A good example of this application is the New Balance M360
All in all, The OLLO Sapien looks tremendously promising and is definitely something to get our feet in soon for a proper test run. OLLO need your support inorder to fully “ROLLO” out this project and add to the global
development parkour and free-running. 

Click on the image and fOLLOw the link to place your pledge and get into you own OLLOs just because YOLO (you only live once) haha…

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