Parkour Free Runners in London UK

Are you looking for parkour free runners in London UK?

Could parkour free runners grab peoples attention for a marketing campaign?

Looking for stuntmen free runners for a TV commercial?

Hopefully answers to the questions above can be found in the article below and can help you to decide if parkour free runners could be ideal for your specific project.

Festival Parkour free runners

About Parkour artists / Free runners

London’s streets have been livened up by parkour artists and stunt free runners for the past 10 odd years. With so many guys and girls training and living their passion of parkour or free running there are a wide variety of artists to choose from. ONLY a handful of parkour performers and free running entertainers are professional and do what they are doing full time.

Attention & Attraction with Parkour Stunts

Here are a handful of examples of where parkour artists or free runners have been used for different events in the past:

– 6 to 10 parkour artists have created a buzz for guerrilla marketing campaigns in city streets by running in 2’s side by side or in single file down a busy street wearing a branded t-shirt or flags attached to their caps.

– An obstacle course of various objects has been set up in a shopping centre where 2+ free runners challenge each other to a time trial in seeing who can do the obstacle course in the shortest time. This creates a buzz and watching audience members also have a go at free running the obstacle course. Prizes and vouchers are handed out to winners 

– A scaffolding set up which is constructed at an outdoor or indoor event or for a music video or a TV commercial can be used by parkour artists and a choreographed show or a freestyle demonstration performed for live audiences.

Technical Details

– All depending on what the parkour artists or free runners are required for, whether its a live event or a promotional campaign it is advised that any surface that they perform on or do stunts on is non-wet or not slippery.
– Live stage parkour performances  usually look better when choreographed & have some obstacles and props to perform stunts off, onto or on top of.
– For any live performance by free runners an ideal minimal amount or free runners or parkour artists should be 5 or 6. For an even more lively or adrenaline looking show or campaign it is advised to use 10+ free runners or parkour artists
– A sound system for show music to be played is essential for any live show one can be provided if required 


For more information about London UK parkour arists or free runners please contact:

Streets United
UK : +44 208 133 0249
Spain: +34 680 914 483

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