Portrait Discography

For the inauguration of First Floor Under, a pop-vanguard culture magazine, TBWA Italy used 6500 CDs to recreate the portraits of seven world-famous musicians including Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Jim Morrison, Jimmy Hendrix, James Brown, Freddie Mercury and Elvis.

Artists Mirco Pagano and Moreno De Turco spent more than 200 hours lining up the CDs to achieve a realistic look. What’s incredible is that they used not just some random colorful CDs, but musicians’ own albums!

These incredible CD portraits were a part of a campaign against music piracy shown at the very first exhibition of First Floor Under at an underground location in Milan, Via Leto Pomponio 3/5. According to Visual News, the idea is that these musicians were ultimately brought down by internet Piracy (a silly idea when you consider when most of these artists died or made their money).



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