What is Power rising entertainment?Are power rising shows done by solo riders show, or in a group?Where can power rising shows be performed?Can power rising entertainers provide workshops?Answers to these questions and more are all below…….

What is Power rising entertainment?Also known as powerbocking or bouncy stilts, power rising entertainment consists of a series of leaps, jumps, bounds and somersaults performed by trained entertainers, who use elastic-like spring-loaded stilts. It is a street sport as well as a form of artistic expression. A famous power rising show was performed at the closing ceremony of the 2008 Olympics.

Are power rising shows done by solo riders show, or in a group? Power rising shows can be performed by a solo artist or by a pair of power rising entertainers, performing synchronized movements. Also,  a group of power rising entertainers can perform together in a flash mob style.Where can power rising shows be performed?

Power risers / power bockers create immediate attention in the street and are perfect for street marketing campaigns, guerrilla marketing campaigns, sporting events, charity events, street events, street promotions, community and social events, stage shows, store openings, corporate events product launches, school festivals, public festivals, music videos, motor shows, movie stunts, exhibitions, commercials and TV shows.

Can power rising entertainers provide workshops?

Power rising workshops can be given alongside any performance or show.

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