Professional Recycle Artists Artwork

RECYCLE Artwork Entertainer

Have you ever wondered about Recycled Art?

Are you searching for ideas for an original exhibition?

Hopefully our Professional Recycle Artists Artwork will inspire your next event!

This professional street and creative artist based in Europe uses ONLY recycled material to create and design his pieces of artwork. By putting materials such as old shoes, car parts, used graffiti cans, pieces of rope and broken furniture stuck into positions on a wall or in a dedicated place on the street or in an exhibition hall.

His artwork creations can be as small as 1m x 1m or as large as 20m x 20m.

His artworks have been created for various commissioned work such as campaigns highlighting the need to recycle, advertising campaigns, exhibitions and charity events.

Recycled Entertainment Artist
Recycled Entertainment Artist

– A concept or idea of what is to be created
– Sufficient materials to work with
– Permission to create a piece of artwork in a dedicated area or place.

Professional Recycle Artists Artwork
Professional Recycle Artists Artwork

For more information about this professional artist that uses recycled material please contact:

Professional Recycle Arts
Professional Recycle Arts

Streets United
UK Phone: 0044 208 133 0249
Spain Phone: 0034 680 914 483
Whatsapp – +44 7818 226 993

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