Professional Street Pick-Pocket Entertainer – UK

Pickpocket Entertainer

Looking for REAL close up entertainment?

Can a PickPocket really be an entertainer?

This professional street Pick-Pocket Entertainer displays his quick hand movements and gestures which distract his guests as he professionally pick-pockets them , whether it be live on stage or seated at a dinner table. REVERSE pick pocketing is something that has worked extremely well with brands in that he can place a business card into someones pocket without them knowing or even feeling it.

Technical Requirements

– For Walk about Entertainment:

The audience or crowd needs to be informed that there is a pick pocket entertainer in the crowd.
This can work in 2 ways:
1) the pickpocket entertainer goes around taking things out of peoples pockets 
2) the pickpocket entertainer can  place business cards into peoples pocket
For Stage Entertainment Shows
The pickpocket entertainer needs a few volunteers to come up on stage and be a part of his show.
Minimum stage requirement is 3m x 3m  
A couple of chairs are also needed for the show.
Brands, Events & Venues  this Pick pocket entertainer has performed at

HSBC Insurance

Glaxo Smithkline
Exclusive Hotels
Hyatt Regency Dubai
The Grove Hotel Hertfordshire 
Exeter University
Harrogate International Conference Centre 



For more information on this professional street pick pocket entertainer please contact 
Streets United
+44 208 133 0249

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