Ramfest goest to the Hospital… For some ELECTRICITY!


2012 has so far seen a healthy stream of the worlds finest international musical acts hitting South African shores with many more expected such as Bloc Party and Afro Jack, but one notable turning point has been the influx of world famous Drum ‘n’ Bass acts beginning with Liquid funk maestros, Netsky and Darrison jamming out Ramfest in March, Drumsound & Bassline Smith coming through in April/May, and from the 31st of August to the 1st of September,  Ramfest Productions will siphon off more Hospital Records debauchery in the form of Logistics and Sigma, becase debauchery is Ramfest’s middle name, some call it Rambauchery (thats sounds so epic, I think I’ll copyright it haha) as Jagermeister and RAM Touring presents SA’s newest Bi – annual EDM tour, ELECTRICITY
anyways, I (who shall remain anonymous) had the pleasure of attending March’s Ramfest and God bless my cotton socks, but Netsky blew em right off…Debauched! Rambauched! Now read the picture, and look at my words and eat a garage pie  😉


Arcade Empire, Pretoria:
Line Up:

20h00: Benson
21h00: Dr. Khumalo vs King Rat
22h00: Deeziak (love this kid to bits :D)
23h00: LOGISTICS (Hospital Records, UK)
00h30: SIGMA (Liferecordings / Hospital Records, UK)


KTL, Stellenbosch:
Line up:
19h00: Dublusion
20h30: RudeOne (JHB)
22h00: LOGISTICS (Hospital Records, UK)
23h00: SIGMA ( Liferecordings, UK)
00h00: Riot Squad
01h00: Damage Inc


The Assembly, Cape Town
Line Up:
21h00: George Daniel
22h00: Das Kapital
23h00: Hyphen
00h00: LOGISTICS (Hospital Records, UK)
01h30: SIGMA (Liferecordings, UK)
03h00: Bruce Willis??… WTF??? really? hmmmm..okay, gues that can only mean more awesome RAMBAUCHERY lol 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀







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