What is Skateboarding entertainment?

Are Skateboarding shows done by solo riders show, or in a group?

Where can Skateboarding shows be performed?

Can Skateboarding entertainers provide workshops?

Answers to these questions and more are all below…….


What is Skateboarding?

There are various styles in the world of skateboarding. For entertainment, Streets United would recommend freestyle skateboarding, street skateboarding and vert, or vertical skateboarding.

Freestyle Skateboarding

The street sport of freestyle skateboarding is a technique of dancing with the skateboard. A freestyle skateboard artist can entertain an audience anywhere and does not require any obstacles or ramps, just a flat open surface of at least 3m x 3m in size.

Are freestyle skateboarding shows done by solo riders show, or in a group?

Freestyle skateboarding shows can be performed by a solo artist, a duo, trio or a group of freestyle skateboarders that can perform a choreographed show in a flash mob style.

Where can freestyle skateboarding shows be performed?

Freestyle skateboarding is ideal for guerrilla marketing campaigns, street promotions, store openings, school festivals, staged shows, road shows, exhibitions, club nights, festivals, charity events, corporate events, music videos or TV commercials.

Freestyle skating workshops can be held alongside shows or performances.

Street Skateboarding

 What is street skateboarding?


Street skateboarders use natural street settings and objects to perform their jumps, slides and tricks.

 Are street skateboarding shows done by solo riders show, or in a group?

Street skateboarding stunts are usually performed by solo skateboarders, but can also be performed in duos, or groups. A choreographed street skateboard show or flash mob can also be organised with a group of skaters.

Where can street skateboarding shows be performed?

Street skateboard entertainment is ideal for street marketing campaigns, street promotions, street events, school festivals, school activity days, guerrilla marketing campaigns, product launches, store openings, road shows, exhibitions, festivals, charity events, stunts, movies, music videos or TV commercials.

 Can street skateboarding entertainers provide workshops?

Street skateboard workshops can also be given alongside performances or shows.

 Half-pipe Vert/Vertical Skateboarding

What is half-pipe / vertical skateboarding?

A wooden half pipe / vert ramp setup is the stage for these skateboarders. Vert / half pipe skateboarding entertainers achieve heights of over 10ft on the half pipe / vert ramp.

Are half-pipe / vertical skateboarding shows done by solo riders show, or in a group?

Vert skateboarders can perform twists, jumps and somersaults as solo skateboarders, synchronized duo skateboarders or as a choreographed group all on the same half pipe / vert ramp.

Can half-pipe / vertical skateboarding entertainers provide workshops?

The street sport of vert / half pipe skateboarding fits well in street promotions, street events, festivals, product launches, motor shows, stage shows, store openings, shopping center events, road shows, exhibitions, charity events, stunts, music videos or TV commercials.

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