SPORTS street entertainment ideas

SPORTS street entertainment ideas

What kind of sports street entertainment ideas are on offer these days?

How can the most daring sports entertainment reach a worldwide audience?

Sports street entertainment ideas can be hard to come up with. At Streets United we offer the best sports entertainment out there. When it comes to you getting together some ideas for sporting entertainment events, we deliver the best entertainers and performers that we have available to suit your needs. These days sports entertainment can come in all different disciplines such as football freestylers, basketball freestylers, tennis freestylers, acrobatic performers and the list goes on and on.

Football Freestylers

All freestylers can either perform as solo acts, duos or as a group. Football freestylers seem to be very popular as it is a world-renowned sport. These freestylers can perform various different tricks such as moving the ball around their whole body without it dropping and kicking the ball off different parts of their body whilst attempting to score a goal this way. At your event you could also go as far as having a football mob put on the show. This is very interesting and amazing to watch as a variety of freestylers come together to perform moves choreographed especially for this mob. The freestylers can dress the part for your event and can even have LED outfits with your business logos on them in order to promote your company.

SPORTS street entertainment ideas
Football Freestyler in the streets of Lodnon

Roller-skate entertainers

These professional roller skaters are extremely entertaining. They count perform stunts and tricks such as doing the moonwalk on skates, back flips, acrobatics and juggling with footballs whilst skating around in a circle.

BMX Freestylers

If you want to witness talent on 2 wheels then you have to get these BMX freestylers at your next event. These talented sports entertainers can balance on a single wheel whilst jumping with their bikes or have both legs in the air whilst balancing on their bike.

SPORTS street entertainment ideas
One-handed BMX freestyler

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