Stage Stunt Performers

Stage Stunt Jumpers

Are you looking for absolutely amazing stage stunt performers?

Do you need a stunt to be performed in front of a large audience?

Whether it is a small or a big stunt show that you would like performed on stage no matter the size of the audience or the size of the stage these stunt performers that we were represent have performed at a variety of different stage shows, events, launches, openings and special occasions.


Otherwise known as power Rises or power Booker’s these stage stunt performers absolutely enjoy what they do and do it with that extra energy that excites any watching audience.


WOW factor Spectacle

What puts the wow into this stage stunt performers spectacle? There are different elements that can demonstrate the energies and talents of these stunt performers. One of the elements is that the show is choreographed and some elements are coordinated so that the stage performers do certain moves that are all in sync. Another element that gives that wow factor spectacle to the show is when these stunt performers jump over each other or an object or members of the watching audience to create a gob-smacking final move to the stage stunt performers show.


TV Shows & Audience Involvements

This stage stunt performers show has given audiences that extra amazement on TV shows, music videos, viral videos, advertising TV commercials and obviously at live events.

They absolutely love to get audiences involved in their shows and whether it is a TV show or a live stage performance if they can get people involved in the stage show they will.

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