STR.CRD (pronounced: street cred)

On the 28th – 30th September a bucked load of urban/street brands and sneaker displays will be unleashed on the streets of Maboneng Precinct in Johannesburg, South Africa once more as STR.CRD returns with yet another wild mash up of international urban culture.

STR.CRD™ 2012 will kick start on the 27th September with HGH.STR Fashion event, which is basically a fancy pants prelude to the whole show…yeah! from there its gonna be a wild party with STR.SESSIONS providing a platform for both international and local business and artistic minds to engage and share with one another experiences and knowledge in order to positively grow and make a difference within the global village we live in… or just to chill and have a blast discussing kicks and graff and stuffThe lifeblood of the show will of course be STR.MUSIC which will present international artists such as; Jesse Boykins III from the U.S and Just A Band from Kenya, and local artists who will be announced in September 2012. Other sources of jammage dammage will be ;

STR.DANCE… bringing once more to the fore the Jo’burg/Capetown b-boy rivalry,
STR.GRAF…which will supply the bombage,
STR.SKATE on the grind,
ballin’ with STR.BALL

and the premise of the whole event, STR.SNEAKERS, which will showcase the freshest concept, custom and retail kicks from world renowned street brands such as Adidas, New Balance, Puma and Converse to mention a few. there will also be actual streets, which you can run, walk or pass-out on depending on your current state, and cool stuff to buy, so don’t be cheap, its month end after all.

Also look out for Streets United affiliates, Sabotage Elite Freerunning who will once againg be jamming it up in New Balance threading, and being a proverbial pain in the bottom to securty personel, who seem to find it hard to restrain a bunch of kids swinging up 4-storeys of scaffolding…damn rent-a-cops hahaha.

Tickets will be available from as from the 15th August 2012; R120 (pre-sold) and R150 (at the door)Visit for a full programme of events, which will be released in due course.
See you there 😉


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