STR.CRD Ticket Giveaway!

For the First time evaaaar this blog is giving away something awesome. Awesome as in EPIC, EPIC as in HELL YEAH!!



If you are in Gauteng, South Africa, you have the chance to WIN 2 tickets to the STR.CRD expo.

Streets United is excited to be teaming up with New Balance South Africa, Glaceau Vitamin-Water and Sabotage Elite Freerunning at the STR.CRD Festival (September 27-30) where we will be giving you up-to-the-minute updates on the Jammage. As the BIGGEST, BADDEST, MADDEST and RADDEST street party  in Africa, STR.CRD is the World Cup of FRESH, Jamming out with skaters, b-boys, street-ballers, sneaker freaks and international acts from across the known globe in Johannesburg, South Africa.

HERE’s your chance to WIN, WIN, WIN! and go massive!




  • Tell us in one paragraph, why you deserve to WIN the tickets and jam out at STR.CRD 2012
  • Write your motivation in the comment section below
  • The most creative/inspiring response will win the tickets
  • Alternately, you can enter the Streets United/STR.CRD twitter comp by following us on:, then tweet to us why you deserve to WIN the tickets and jam out at STR.CRD 2012, make sure in your tweet you encourage your followers to ReTweet, cos the most tweets wins 🙂


  • Entrants have to be South African Residents
  • Entrants must be 18 years of age or older
  • Entrants must be able to attend the expo between the 28th and the 30th of September at 281 Commissioner Street, Johannesburg, South Africa


  • The competition starts on the 14th of September and closes on the 26th of September at noon

Pop by the New Balance Stand and grab a pair of the world’s freshest, and check out some jammage dammage by one of SA’s Top Freerunning Crews, Sabotage Elite :





sore losers can book tickets here: 😉

7 thoughts on “STR.CRD Ticket Giveaway!

  1. Lauren Kent says:

    I was that girl who used to find the beatboxing cyphers at school and listed to their competitions; I was the girl who, while everyone scoffed at the new hip hop trends in clothing that were coming out, secretly bought some items. I am now a scholar of underground urban youth cultures, with a thesis on break dancing and identity. I belive if you talk the talk, you gotta walk the walk – and so to better understand what I study, I have become one of my study participant. So holla at your gurl, and kindly hand over those tickets.

  2. louis (mania) swanepoel says:

    having been involved in Parkour for over 5 years in our country and having one of the people who Ive seen grow and contribute to the sport in our country performing on the day will bring great honor on my house (kenji u da man) having been chased by police and security all over our country to bring the joy of parkour to all u peeps should surly count for something I hope
    any ways not much more to say other than train safe, train hard & keep pushing the limits peeps SA parkour will rise above all adversity

  3. Reegan says:

    Its not that I deserve to win its that id appreciate a win to the max! Im working extremely close with some of SA’s sickest free runners to put together a story of parkour in South Africa through my medium of Photography and bringing on-board a small film crew for behind the scenes and short film highlighting the highly underrated sport in this country, I want to bring the culture to everyone’s eyes!

    Street culture is in my blood!

    • admin says:

      Cograts to you Reegan, your comment really hit home with the Streets Crew
      Please supply your full name, email and contact deets… to everyone else, thanks for your support and interest, you can still join in the shenanigans…just check the post to buy your tickets

  4. Gale says:

    The reason I think I (and hope you do to) I deserve to win because i simply love street culture . No stories . No pulling at your heart strings with said stories. What I will say is street culture is beautiful to me, being witness to it , creating it , being astounded by it! It all gives me this unexplainable rush of exzillaration and crazy happiness! The bottom line is this is something I NEED to experience! So please let me!

  5. Gulshan says:

    So, Mister Kenji thought it’d be a great idea for me to enter. After reading the posts here, I vote Reegan instead! 🙂 It’s because of the exposure that people like you create, that I’ve come to learn and love this sport. Good Luck and looking forward to seeing how you represent!

  6. Karabo Mohale says:

    I’ve always been a lover of street culture and Hip Hop. Until not long ago I thought these things only existed in America, the Internet and that one HHP video. I need exposure. So I understand that I may not be creating a movement but I’m very cool to take pictures with. Also this would be a great help because the only way I am going to get a friend to come along is if I can get him a free ticket. i don’t want to go alone.

    Thank you

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