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Sand Archiecture

What can passion and talent achieve? Building castles with the sand for example. The sand [...]

Urban Orchestra Show – Eurovision Song Contest

At the 2013 Eurivision Song Contest in Malmö, Sweden, in the second semi-final, the Urban [...]

Drawing Art from Memory

The connection between some medical conditions and the creative abilities of people have been researched [...]


How is 3D Street Artwork done?

What is 3D Street Art? What material do 3D street artists use? Can people interact [...]

Skateboard Guitars

Where’s your old skateboard? Still rotting in the basement? Here are some ideas of what [...]

Book sculpture artwork

Although it is heartbreaking to see books torn apart, we admit that creativity and innovation [...]

Sneakers juggling

If you thought that sneakers are made just for walking, someone can prove you wrong. [...]