Top 5 CORPORATE event entertainment IDEAS for 2022

What would you say are the top 5 Corporate event entertainment ideas for 2022?

What would you focus on when preparing for a corporate event in 2022?

2022 is only a year away and the entertainment industry will need a serious revival after being dormant for so long. Street United presents the top 5 corporate event entertainment ideas for 2022.  

Types of Entertainment

  1. Elegant Entertainment
    What do you think of when you hear the word ‘elegant’ entertainment? At Streets United we can offer a variety of elegant entertainment. This can be in the form of elegantly dressed dancers who will dance around the entertainment area. Another great performance would be from an elegant ballerina performing on top of a piano.
  2. Interactive Entertainment
    This type of entertainment is brilliant to have at corporate events as it gets the guests interacting with the entertainer as well as each other. Such entertainers can be human statues that interact with your guests or a drone or car racing element so guests can form teams and compete.
  3. Creative Entertainment
    Creativity comes in many different forms of event entertainment.This can be in the form of artwork, painting and being creative with anything lying around. The ideas that come to mind for a corporate event would be sand sculpturing, hub cap artwork and speed painting.
  4. Sporting Entertainment
    Almost any sport can be turned into an entertainment showpiece at an event. This can include basketball freestylers, football freestylers and rugby freestylers.
  5. Dance Show Entertainment
    Some of the most outstanding dance show performances or done with LED lighting. LED Tron dancers will light up your life with their special moves. Another great dance show is with hover board dancers.

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