Vertical Wall Dance Projection Mapping

Wall Dance Projection Mapping

How does projection mapping and dance work together?

Do you need a visual projection mapping show with live people in it?

A vertical wall dance projection mapping show captures the imagination of many people when it is being watched. As soon as acrobats or dancers are suspended from the rigging or ceiling and the music begins, the visual aspect of the show truly entices anybody that is watching.


The vertical wall dance projection mapping show is performed by professional acrobatics and dancers that have been doing what they do for many many years.

The Show Set up

This spectacular projection mapping show can be performed in many different places for example,on the side of a building, a hotel, in a shopping centre or on a stage with the wall being set up with scaffolding or a suspended hard plastic material that can easily be removed after the show.

The most important aspect of the vertical wall dance projection mapping show is the actual projection onto the wall or the face that is being used for the dancers to perform on. The way the artists can interact with the projection video is essential to the show and it’s meaning.

Brand Messages

Brands or products can have their messages displayed, projected and interacted with by the acrobatic dancers during the vertical wall dance projection mapping show.

For example letters that form a brand name can be animated and used during the projection mapping performance or alternatively a product can slowly be built to form 1 big piece that the dancers slowly form whilst they perform their show.

Technical Requirements

Where the dancers or acrobats are suspended for the vertical wall dance projection mapping show is very essential from a safety aspect and has to be approved and tested by a professional rigger who will determine the weight bearing of the building or ceiling rigging.

The bigger the surface of the wall the better the visual performance aspect.

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