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Trick Entertainment - Shot Viral Videos

What is Viral Video Branded Entertainment?

Do you have an event or a brand that needs a little bit of extra branded entertainment?

Could a viral video do the trick in promoting or enhancing an event or a brand?

These two talented football trick shot entertainers have the ability to get any Brand or Events name viral worldwide after one video.

Trick Entertainment - Shot Viral Videos
Trick Entertainment – Shot Viral Videos


These trick shot football entertainers absolutely love being in front of the camera and have created videos that have reached over 500,000 views in just one day.
Their viral video content mainly revolves around kicking a football at the cross bar or a dedicated target, and then looking at the camera and saying something qwerky like ” check this out?”


The making of a Branded Entertainment Video:
As you can imagine creating a video of such humour does not happen in just one hour. These two creative and talented football tricks entertainers take between 1 – 5 days to create a video sometimes.
The aim of capturing the right angle and the perfect shot is one of the most important elements in creating the viral video.


Creative Branding added to Videos:

When it comes to adding a branded element to viral video branded entertainment a storyboard is usually drawn up in a way that includes the brand or the events name.
Examples of this could be when the trick shot artists take a shot at a given target that has the brand name on it. Alternatively having a product with the branding or the brand name on it being the target of the trick shot.
All focus while filming is given not only on the trick shot and comments after the shot is taken but also more importantly on the branded target.

Publishing, Promoting and Sharing on Social Media:

With such a LARGE following of fans already created by these trickshot footballers, once a video is published it can go on to all of their social media platforms or solely on the brand’s or events social media platforms.
With a following of millions of fans already on various social media platforms the viral video branded entertainment video WILL get a huge amount of coverage WORLDWIDE.

Requirements Needed -Branded Entertainment:

– a meeting set up with the marketing department of a brand or an event
– a given or proposed storyboard for the viral video branded entertainment
– elements needed to be included in the video when it comes to messages that the brand or the event would like to project to their audience
– a bit of flexibility in receiving ideas from the football trick shot experts
– a proposed or suggested venue or location for the filming

Usually these trickshot experts will always add their opinion or put a little bit of a twist on what might be required in order to give the branded video that extra wow factor.

For more information about viral video branded entertainment by the expert football trick shot entertainers please contact

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