We Run On Water

South African free runner and film actor, DeVille Vannik will pledge his birthday towards providing clean, safe drinking water to the world’s impoverished nations through the mycharity:Water scheme.

How do you pledge you entire birthday you ask? simple. All you have to do is not get presents haha, to be more specific, just redirect you perennial gift givers from purchasing the usual birthday trinkets, and rather use the money to donate towards the Water fund.

DeVille says the myCharity:Water foundation  have been heavily focused in Africa and this September they are gearing up for a major project in Rwanda, one of Africa’s, and thus the world’s most devastated and impoverished countries. He’s kicking the word through his social media platforms and ask for your help by simply spreading the vibe and getting the news out. You can follow this link to learn more http://mycharitywater.org/birthdays

DeVille currently lives and works in Los Ageles California as an actor and stunt performer and trains with Team Tempest. you can join his campaign on his social profiles:



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  1. Anissa says:

    This is a fabulous idea!! Great job DeVille so sad to know this is still such a huge problem in this day and age. Together we absolutely can make a change. I’m so proud of you for joining this movement and giving up your Birthday to help enhance the “Birthdays” of others!! Im in!!!!!!!!

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