Where to HIRE a SPEED PAINTER for an Event

Speed Painting Performer for Corporate Events

Do you want to know where to HIRE a SPEED PAINTER for an event?

Are you looking for a painting entertainer to create a portrait live on stage at an event?

There are several different types of speed painting performances and stage entertainment shows that can be produced and finding the right one for your particular event is crucial.


Street United the international entertainment agency have worked with many speed painting entertainers and will be able to advise you where to HIRE a SPEED PAINTER for an event. The various types of speed painting performances comprise of SPEED PAINTERS that create portraits with normal paints, SPEED PAINTERS that create portraits or pictures of objects with a glitter reveal and probably the most technology advanced type of speed painting performance consists of a projection mapping display and a kind of splash reveal of the finished creation where the artist throws paint over the picture which then creates the final portrait or image.

How Quick

Regarding the speed of how quick speed painting entertainer can finish a portrait or a creation of an object it really can vary depending on how long you would like the actual performance but an average speed painting show is probably between 5 to 7 minutes and the speed painting picture is created with some high energy animation.

The speed painting creation is also performed to a certain type of music depending on the event and how the speed painting is to be presented to the watching audience.

Types Of Events

The different types of events that the speed painting entertainer has performed at include private birthday party events, corporate events, product launches and brand promotional campaigns.

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