“World Record Football Freestyler in the UK (DC)”

Football Freestyler DC
Have you ever met a freestyle football world record holder?
Looking for the perfect football freestyle entertainer for your event?
There are many football trickster out there but very few have a world record to their name.
Football Freestyler DC
Football Freestyler DC

Daniel has traveled all around the globe, showing his mastery and love for the football freestyle, which he considers to be a healthy and active lifestyle, emphasizing discipline, determination and dedication ; thus DC encourages everyone to make a few moves with the ball. Watching DC freestyle, people are impressed, because he draws his inspiration from various other urban creative arts: break-dance and gymnastics. His outstanding achievement so far? In April 2012 he broke the World Record for ‘most carousels in one minute’ on the set of ‘Lo show Dei Record’ in Rome, Italy. This tricks consists of rolling the ball around the arms and shoulders in a circular motion. The previous record was 63 in one minute, and Daniel managed 69.


Technical freestyle football requirments

For a solo freestyle football show act or show. A freestyler usually requires:
Minimum space of: 2m(H) x 2m(W) x 2,5m(H)
Flooring: A flat, non-slippery surface
Music: A sound system to play any show music, if music is allowed.
A solo football freestyler usually supplies his own ball to perform with.
Football Freestyle Workshops
Can always be apart of the entertainment. After the football freestylers show he can interact with and teach children or adults a few basic football freestyle tricks that they can pick up in minutes.
Football Freestyle balance
Football Freestyle balance
Looking for Football Freestyler any where else in the World?

We have a resource base of over 2,000 artists in 52 different countries of the world, so whether you are looking for a freestyle football trickster in Abbu Dhabi, Norway, Argentina or South Africa we can certainly assist you. 
Whether you are looking for a world record holder, a football trickster for a school workshop or simply someone that can do a few simple tricks local to a city or town just ask us.

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