Streets United was started by the Managing Director Courtney Orange in 2008.
A former international gymnast who competed in the 2012 Commonwealth Games, Courtney went on take his professional skills and turned them into a 40min solo acrobatic stage show that was performed in the streets of London namely in Covent Garden and at the London Eye.
This is where Courtney learnt what it took to REALLY capture an audience, entertain them and learn the physiology of a watching audience, what made them laugh and what it took to give each audience an emotional and memorable experience by watching his shows.
Courtney then met more entertainers and talented individuals and groups at contracted events where the idea of creating Streets United the WORLDS number 1 UNIQUE entertainment supplier began. 
Since then Courtney’s ambition is to present to the world amazing talented entertainers and give artists and performance groups the experience of being able to show off their talents to people and in places world wide.