TECHNOLOGY Event Entertainment 

What kind of TECHNOLOGY Event Entertainment is on offer in 2022?

How can TECHNOLOGY further enhance your event?

Technology event entertainment is constantly evolving to create a more realistic experience for the spectators. Event entertainment comes in all different forms. At Streets United we are definitely moving with the times and provide the latest technological performances on offer in the entertainment world.

Technology Magician Event Entertainment

Magicians certainly what they used to be. This magic TECHNOLOGY entertainer incorporates his previously learned tricks with an ipad or a tablet where he integrates different card tricks as well as visual magic tricks with TECHNOLOGY. His performance gives any guest attending an event a lasting memory of what this awesome magic is about.

TECHNOLOGY Event Entertainment
Technology Magician

Projection Mapping Speed Painter

Have you ever seen a speed painter in action? This projection mapping speed painter is a must see! The artist performs his work within minutes and creates incredible paintings and portraits. Crowds are kept in suspense when watching a projection speed painter at work. The reason being is because the paintings are not visible to the human eye and are only revealed as a projection once the artist has completed his work.

TECHNOLOGY Event Entertainment
Projection mapping speed painter

Laser Show Entertainment using Technology

Laser shows are incredible to watch incorporating bright lights and music as part of the spectacle. The shows vary quite a bit. They are choreographed according to the event theme and colours. For instance if a company wishes to reveal their logo to the audience using lasers, the dancers can create choreography according to the specific event type that will work best.

TECHNOLOGY Event Entertainment
LED Laser Entertainment

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