Male Double Dutch Skipping Show

Acrobatic Double Dutch skippers

What is double dutch skipping entertainment?

Are double dutch skipping shows done by solo riders show, or in a group?

Can double dutch skipping entertainers provide workshops?

Acrobatic Double Dutch skippers
Acrobatic Double Dutch skippers

What is Double Dutch Skipping ?

Double Dutch Skipping is a nationally recognized game where  2 people turn the ropes and one or more jumpers jump in the middle of two long jump ropes turning in opposite directions.


Description About The Show

This shoe is usually performed by 4 male skippers.  The Show has 3 variations
– A funky fully energised double dutch skipping show (Click HERE to watch)
– An OLD MAN double dutch Skipping Show (Pictures below)
– An ULTR VIOLET ILLUMINATED double dutch skipping show (Click HERE to watch)

Other Double Dutch skipping shows can be performed with between 3 – 18 people. A double dutch skipping flashmob is also possible.

Where can double dutch skipping shows be performed?

Double Dutch Skipping can be performed outdoors and in doors. It is mostly performed outdoors because of vast space needed  to prevent possible obstructions or hazards that may occur with anyone close by. It is widely performed in playgrounds and parks. In door events include theaters and shopping centers  Other events include, concerts and festivals, marketing campaigns and corporate events, exhibitions, music videos, school fun days, festive celebrations. Double Dutch skipping should always be performed on a level, smooth surface, as all body parts can be used to perform different tricks by the  jumpers.


Technical Requirements: (for a 4 man show)

Minimum Space Required: 5m(W) x 5m(L) x 2.5m(H)
Length of Show:
Floor Surface:
A smooth, flat, dry surface……..shows can be performed on grass
Music: A sound system should be supplied but a portable one can be provided at an extra cost if needs be


Can double dutch skipping entertainers provide workshops?

Double Dutch Skipping workshops can be given alongside any performance or demonstration.


For more information on double dutch skipping entertainment or staged productions for any type of event in the UK and Europe or world wide in any country of the world please contact:

Streets United
UK T: (+44) 208 133 0249
Spain: (+34) 680 914 483



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