Football Pool For Events & Promotions

Pool Table Hire for Birthdays

Football & POOL …… how does that work you ask??

What can a football pool table bring to an event or party?

The SUPER-FUN, challenging and creative game of football pool has certainly taken over from the traditionally known mini-football table.

Who can play the game, how long does a game & setup take

The game can be played by anyone of any age, and games usually take between 4-6mins to play, giving a quick turn around for the next challenger or game to be played.

Game tables can also be supervised by a specialist referee who can ref single games or a full on competition with table rankings.

The table setup can take anytime from 45min-60min

The types of events for Football Pool

Football Pool has been an EXTREMELY popular setup at private eventsBar Mitzvah’s and weddings where guests can have a good laugh and a challenge between each other.

Football Pool has been ever so memorable at football themed kids birthday parties and football themed events AS YOU CAN IMAGINE. Where prizes for the best player can be given and quick short game challenges can be organized by a Football Pool table refree.

Corporate Events and branded promotional events have also seen their fair share of Football Pool tables entertaining guests and creating a talking point amongst clients and guests.

Branded and LED Lit Tables

There is an option of having a non-branded table for private events and birthday parties, but for any brand promotional event or corporate event that is dedicated to a special client the football pool table can be branded specifically to that event.


Spacing & Technical Requirements

Football Pool Table
Football Pool Table
  •  Above are the dimensions of the table we need at least a meter on either side in order to comfortably set up 
  •  An electrical plug socket so that LED lights can be powered up
  •  If the activity is due to take place at a venue that is not on the ground floor there would be a requirement of a lift access that can fit in a wooden frame of 3m in length OR alternatively stair access that can fit the same frame through
  • An offloading area that is no more that 50m from the venue
  • A gazebo can be supplied for outdoor events

A table setup can also have goal frames mounted over the goal pockets and LED lighting to illuminate the table and make the games even more plush a memorable.

How much does a Football Pool table cost to hire?

From all the options and choices to choose from a basic Football Pool table hire cost starts from £450 + transport expenses.

For more detailed information on hiring or purchasing a Football Pool Table for your event please contact Streets United.

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