Light Entertainment for 2022 Events

What kind of Light Entertainment for 2022 Events are out there?

How can lights enhance the feel of your event?

Light entertainment for 2022 events is fast becoming very popular. At Streets United we provide a vast range of light entertainment shows to keep your guests in awe. Lights are the pinnacle of any type of entertainment when it comes to showing off the performance. Lights come in varying colours and brightness which is great when you are trying to either highlight or hide a particular figure.

Using Lights to Enhance Exercise

One exercise that really enhances the light aspect is skipping. To be precise, this is ultraviolet Dutch skipping. The Double Dutch skippers UV performance is choreographed to music and is shows up best when performed in any dark environment. The performance includes some wow acrobatic and breakdance skills and some very impressive speed skipping moves too.

Light Entertainment for 2022 Events
Double Dutch Skippers

Light up That Stage

If you’ve never seen a light show before then this one is not to be missed. Aerial LED drummers are absolutely incredible performers to watch. They can perform above any other act on stage below them or perform an act of their own. They will certainly be the aerial LED light of the party. These performers are hoisted in the air and LED lights are omitted from their drums once they are hit. Although you might get a neck ache from looking at the performers as they literally hang above your heads, it will be well worth it.

Light Entertainment for 2022 Events

Light up Your Brand with LEDs

If you want to enhance your brand, this is the way to light it up!. The LED lighting is one of the most eye catching and popular lighting shows of its time. The performer uses specially designed apparatus like juggling clubs, staff and poi artists to create a choreographed entertainment show around a company’s brand or logo.

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