3 CRAZY Event Entertainment Concepts

What 3 CRAZY Event Entertainment Concepts do you think your clients will enjoy?

What is new and trending in the Event Industry nowadays?

Streets United have 3 CRAZY Event Entertainment Concepts that are a must see at your next event. Hosting an event can be daunting as you never know what type of entertainment will be the best for your audience. This is why we are here to help take all the stress out of the planning for you and provide you with our pool of never-ending entertainment. So from dancing ballerinas to daring acrobats to musical marvels, we have it all!

Projection Mapping Entertainment

Projection mapping is definitely a crazy event entertainment concept. In a 4D projection mapping dance show, performers interact with the animated images and projections on the back screen to give an additional LIVELINESS to any normal dance or projection show. This show is awesome as it animates any brand or logo that you wish to be displayed.

3 CRAZY Event Entertainment Concepts
Projection Cake Mapping Entertainment

Crazy Water Show Event Entertainment

Water shows come in all different forms. They can be individual shows or group shows and they can be as colourful and dramatic as you’d like. A water show is an event where the combination of colour, light and water come together to create a captivating experience. Artists usually create shapes using the water, such as making designs with hula hoops and other objects. These types of performances are usually accompanied by music to create an electric atmosphere.

3 CRAZY Event Entertainment Concepts
Water show entertainment

Car Stunt Show Entertainment Concept

Car shows definitely get a crowd going especially when it comes to the daring tricks of the game. These shows are typically used in outdoor events where there is enough space to have the cars manoeuvre around and show off their skills. Certain items need to be present in order to put on a great show such as lights and ramps. Car stunt shows are usually looking for a thrill and they can get that by watching the stunt drivers do their thing.

3 CRAZY Event Entertainment Concepts
Leaning car stunt

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